Caring Instructions

Machine Washing

Most of our all-natural styles can be machine-washed, with the exception of a few. Always refer to your pieces' care label before washing.

The following styles are hand wash only - 100% Merino: B103L, B105L, B104L, B08L, B151L, Pure Lambswool: L43L, L45L, L50L, L102L, L104L and Pure Wool: F74L, F80L.

When machine-washing, always turn your knits inside out before adding to your machine (this will help prevent pilling), and always go for the cool, wool-wash setting.

If you don't have a specific wool-wash setting, stay cool; go no hotter than 30°C.

Slow, gentle spins are best (600 RPM max). Natural fibres release water easily, so fast spins are unnecessary.


Stay cool! Go no hotter than 30°C when washing your all-natural knits.

Our all-natural styles go through a process, making them resistant to shrinking. As long as you don’t machine and/or hand-wash them at temperatures hotter than 30°C, your garments should live a long and happy life!


Wash ALL your natural knitwear (including your pure & blended cotton pieces) in gentle, enzyme-free detergent.

Check your chosen detergent is wool-friendly. Look out for the Woolmark symbol.

Avoid biological AND non-biological detergents as both these contain bleaching agents, which do not play nice with your all-natural knitwear!

Our Woolly Wash is a fantastic cleanser for your all-natural knitwear. It contains lots of lovely, natural stuff – including tea tree oil & lemon myrtle – to keep your knits looking & feeling their best for longer.


Avoid shrinking & warping by carefully drying your knitwear.

Avoid high temperatures at all costs.

If you feel your piece has changed shape a little once washed, very carefully pull it back into shape whilst it’s damp. But, be gentle!

Never hang your damp knitwear to dry. Instead, dry it upon & over something, like a clothes airer.

We do not accept liability for garments incorrectly laundered.


Moths love all-natural fibres as much as you do!

Unfortunately, they enjoy feasting upon them, not wearing them, resulting in unsightly holes appearing in your favourite knits!

You can repel the pesky critters by adding mothballs to your stored knits. These are now widely available in odourless versions.

Alternatively, you can wrap your knits in plastic before storing. Moths aren’t into plastic.

Lavender & cedarwood essential oils also help to repel wool-munching moths!


All-natural fibres naturally intertwine with wear, resulting in pilling.

Whilst this can be a bit of a pain to remove, it does authenticate your piece’s natural credentials. And remember the softer the yarn, the more likely it is to pill.

You can fight the fuzz with one of our handy pilling combs. These easily remove any pilling on your garment.

Just take it easy when using the comb; you don’t want to damage your knits!

We do not accept liability for garments damaged by incorrect pilling comb use.

Bobbling is temporary, it will stop once your piece has shed all its shorter fibres. Your pilling comb, on the other hand, will last a long time, so you can use it to look after all your knits.

After your garments have been washed in the machine a few times their fibres should strengthen, which will lessen pilling.