We pledge...

1. We will ensure at least 95% of our collections are made from natural fibres.

2. We will use more recycled yarns.

3. We will not work with suppliers who source wool from farmers that practise mulesing.

4. We will not use angora or other fur in our products.

5. We will replace our garment care labels & tickets with a natural alternative.

6. We will only work with suppliers who prove health & safety and labour standards through audits.

7. We will not work with suppliers who source their cotton from Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.

8. We will encourage diversity.

9. We will be GDPR compliant and as transparent as possible whenever we can with people's data.

10. We will raise money for charity.

11. We will volunteer our time.

12. We will educate our suppliers, customers and teams.

13. We will keep the WoolOvers family updated.

14. We will stop dispatching garments from suppliers in plastic bags.

15. We will stop repacking returns in plastic bags.

16. We will deliver all our products in reusable paper bags.

17. We will stop using plastic carrier bags in our shop.

18. We will fly fewer garments. 

19. We will never put our products into landfill.

20. We will provide a garment repairs service.

21. We will reduce paper usage in our Head Office.

22. We will change our Head Office energy suppliers to renewable energy providers.