Pure wool is the
natural way to keep
cosy this Winter.
Warm and durable.
Moisture and odour

Wool is renewable

We have dressed ourselves and our homes in wool for thousands of years. To ensure the future of this natural resource, our classic lambswool is now certified to the Responsible Wool Standard.

It regulates your body temperature

The tiny air pockets in wool fibres work like a vacuum flask. Keeping you cosy in winter and cooler in the summer months.

It is resistant to static

As wool absorbs moisture from your body or the surrounding air, it rarely creates static electricity like synthetic fibres. Perfect for wrapping in blankets.

Naturally resistant to stains

Sheep have evolved coats with a naturally protective outer layer. This helps prevent marks or stains from being absorbed.

No need to iron

Wool fibres are shaped like little coiled strings, returning to their natural shape after being bent. This helps stop woolly stuff crease or wrinkle.

Wool repels odours

Wool absorbs moisture from your skin, trapping perspiration and other odours that are only released when you wash.