Something fishy
is going on!

Did you know your clothing
could be poisoning our food chain?

What are microfibres?

60% of all clothing is made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon & acrylic. These fabrics are PLASTIC.
When you wash a synthetic garment at home, tiny plastic microfibres less than 5mm long are released into the water supplies ending up in our rivers, oceans and food. Plastic microfibres do not biodegrade.
More than 4,500 fibres can be released per gram of clothing every time you do your laundry.

Fancy some tasty plastic?


Buy Natural.

Wash Less.

Air Dry.

We are on a mission

By wearing fewer man-made fibres and switching to quality natural fibres, you can help us on our mission to keep plastic microfibres out of our oceans and food supply.
If you must wear synthetic clothing, use our guppy bag to prevent plastic microfibres polluting our waterways.
Natural yarns such as wool are naturally stain and odour repellent, so need less washing saving on electricity bills.
Air dry your clothing. Nothing beats the smell of clean washing off a washing line. Tumble Dryers use valuable energy and the friction causes synthetic clothing to shed their polluting fibres. They will wear you clothes out quicker, so you’ll need to replace them more often. Our woolly balls will reduce static cling, reduce drying time and so reduce your electricity bills.