The only footprints we want to leave behind
are those on a sandy beach at sunset.

Unlike acrylics, our natural yarns and fibres are biodegradable, which means they disappear without a trace.

They also need less washing than synthetics.

Natural fibres fend off bacteria and repel moisture, staying fresh for longer. Better for the planet and means you can spend less time washing and more time in the sunshine - hurrah!

Another way to tread lightly on your travels is with a capsule wardrobe. Packing light means less laundry and less hassle. These essentials will keep your summer stylish and sustainable.

The Light Knit

Even in hot destinations, an evening breeze or air conditioning can bring on a chill. A cotton knit is a natural go-to for a cosy layer.

The Cotton Tee

Made from organic cotton, the perfect-fit t-shirt is a must. Pack multiple colours and prints to mix and match your outfits.

The Linen Trousers

Lightweight and eco-friendly, natural linen trousers are breathable, stylish, and comfy. Ideal for sunny days at home or abroad.

The Linen Dress

Perfect for city strolls and beach days, a versatile linen dress gets better with every wear. Breezy, comfortable, and stylish from day to night.

Tread lightly, live brightly.