Sustainable Knitwear Made of Natural Yarns

What We Do

Since 1989 we have been providing the cosiest Cashmere, the comfiest Cotton and the finest Merino Wool, so it’s safe to say we are experts on yarn. Our passion is natural fibres crafted into colourful, wearable, timeless clothing.

Why Choose Natural Yarns?

By saying no to synthetic fibres and choosing to wear natural yarns instead you are helping to save the planet. It is estimated that nearly a third of all plastics entering our oceans are from washing synthetic clothing.

We believe in doing it naturally.

Pure Lambswool

Pure Lambswool is the highest quality of sheep’s wool. Collected from a lamb’s first shearing when they are six months old, their wool will never be as soft again. For that reason, Pure Lambswool is smooth, strong, naturally soft-to-the-touch, cosy... and expensive.

Our Pure Lambswool knitwear is now made with a new process that is better for the environment. Our Pure Lambswool jumpers and Lambswool cardigans are steam cleaned rather than washed when they are finished, using much less water.

It does means that our Pure Lambswool feels less soft until you wash it (softeners used to be added during the wash process), but they are now better for the planet and all jumper manufacturers will eventually adopt this method.

Pure Cashmere

Made from the wool of Kashmir goats, our Pure Cashmere is a wonderfully luxurious yarn. Known for being light, soft and warm, Kashmir goats produce their fine long hair in very small quantities, making Pure Cashmere a real luxury.

A Cashmere jumper feels as soft as a cloud and light-as-air yet it can be up to eight times more warming than other Wool knitwear. This gorgeous fibre has hygroscopic properties, enabling it to wick moisture from the wearer’s body and regulate the temperature. It will keep you warm and dry in the cold season and is breathable and cool when hot. Perfect for all year round. We weave two threads together to create our yarn (2 ply) that makes it stronger and softer than other high street jumpers. So always check the label and know what you are getting.

Pure Wool

Wool jumpers, Wool cardigans, Wool coats, Wool scarves and more… 100% Pure Wool is the perfect yarn for cooler months. 100% Pure Wool is strong and durable which makes it perfect for heavier weight cables and knitwear. It will keep you warm and toasty when you are outdoors.

Comfy Guernsey jumpers and cardigans, traditional Aran sweaters and polos, and cosy Fairisles all benefit from using 100% Pure Wool in their knit, giving them a chunky and rugged appearance. Treat them with respect and our WoolOvers quality will ensure that your 100% Pure Wool knit will last you for seasons to come.

Merino Wool

The Australian Merino sheep was actually born in Spain and has evolved wonderfully silky yarn over the years.

Merino Wool is naturally elastic and very flexible which makes it perfect for more active use. It is often described as clothing’s natural climate regulating system. In the heat, the moisture-wicking fibre will keep you cool by absorbing your body’s moisture and evaporating it outside the fabric. When it’s cold these moisture vapours condense inside the fibre, giving off heat and keeping you warm.

Our fine Merino Wool is also low maintenance as it naturally absorbs odour, doesn’t wrinkle and is more-or-less stain repellent. It is also less likely to pill than other knitted garments. It is most definitely the smart choice.

Organic Cotton

Much of our cotton is now organic. This, like all cotton material, has a light, breathable, comfortable feel to it but is much friendlier to the planet. Organic farmers use natural methods to grow their cotton, working with nature, using green manures, composting and crop rotation techniques. There is no use of pesticides, creating healthy soils that in turn grow healthier and more resilient crops. This holistic approach of growing organic cotton has long term benefits to people and the planet.

Usually producing cotton means using a lot of water but not so with organic cotton. The healthy soils organic farming creates, act like a sponge, soaking up water during floods and holding on to it for longer periods. This ensures that less precious water is needed for organic cotton production.


Viscose has a lovely soft feel and a drape quality like Silk, but is less expensive. It is great for lightweight wrap tops and lovely dresses that hang well on the body.

Like Modal, Viscose (or Rayon in America) is made from wood pulp. It is more environmentally sound than 100% synthetics such as Polyester, but chemicals are used in the manufacture process, so it can’t claim to be 100% ecologically sound. However, it is much more sustainable than Polyester and Acrylic that are made from petroleum, and it bio-degrades so ultimately won’t pollute our oceans. We use it sparingly where a garment needs to be light and fitted.

Sheepskin & Leather

Sheepskin is the hide of the sheep. Unlike leather, it is tanned with the fleece still intact. Sheepskin is renewable and sustainable.

Our Sheepskin gloves are made from premium grade Sheepskin. Fluffy and soft, they will keep out even the coldest chill. Our slippers are double-bonded. The suede layer is separate to the fur. This gives our slippers better movement.

We also have buttery-soft genuine Leather gloves. Our Leather gloves are great quality, fit snuggly and are naturally water repellent.


Mohair wool is considered one of the best quality materials for knitwear. This long, smooth fibre comes from the soft underbelly of the long shaggy-haired Angora goat that is generally sheared twice a year. Softer than sheep wool, it has a notable sheen and lustre and natural elasticity. Mohair takes dye incredibly well, resulting in a supreme colour in mohair products.

With so many unique attributes, Mohair is considered a luxury textile and can be quite pricey. Here at Woolovers, we mix our Mohair with other fabrics; in doing so, even when used in small quantities, it makes a garment of which it is a part much more elastic, shiny, and durable.


Derived from the flax plant, linen is an almost magical fibre. The flax plant is incredibly versatile. The seeds can be used for wallpaper, cosmetics, bedding, paint and even roof insulation. It has a low environmental impact, needing less water than cotton in the growing process. Every part of the wonderful flaxseed can be used in some way and it is a completely biodegradable product.

The planet-friendly factor of linen is one thing we love about linen but the fact that it is strong, durable, soft and absorbent means we can craft it into gorgeous lightweight garments. Our linen clothing is naturally moisture-wicking, so it is perfect at keeping you dry and cool in the warmer months; but did you know linen is also an excellent conductor of heat, able to keep you warm and cosy in the cooler months.


Lustrous and luxurious with a beautiful sheen, real silk has been produced for well over a thousand years

Made from the cocoon of the Silk Moth, Silk yarn is made by boiling the cocoons to quickly kill the larvae, leaving behind the silk fibres. In some cultures, the larvae are then harvested for food. Many scientists believe that eating bugs and insects can help end world food shortages.

Silk naturally repels mold and mildew. We add Silk to our Cotton jumpers and Cotton cardigans to give them an extra special sheen and to keep you cool in the Summer months.

To Help The Environment

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle. Wearing quality knitwear REDUCES the number of garment you need to buy. Polyester and Acrylic are made from petroleum and do not bio-degrade. We are not perfect at WoolOvers. But we are working hard and quickly to get better.

RE-USING your knitwear each season ensures you are not contributing to the ‘fast fashion’ problem.

RE-CYCLING your natural knitwear means the yarn can be used again in another Wool product, or left to bio-degrade.

Keep your knits beautiful for longer by washing them in a wool wash and repairing any tiny holes tat may appear over years of wear. All our garments are sent with an extra button and yarn so you can REPAIR your knits.