Our All-Natural Yarns

We have always relied upon the simplicity, the beauty and the high-quality of all-natural fibres, something our customers love talking to us about. We firmly believe that nature is the best place to start when it comes to crafting superb knitwear, which is why our commitment to all-natural fibres is enduring and unshakeable.

Since day dot, man has looked to nature for warmth and protection. Our earliest ancestors used animal fleeces to fashion reliable, functional “clothing”, suited to their rugged existence. Today, we look to nature in a similar way (albeit not so primitively) when it comes to crafting warm and cosy, practical, everyday knitted jumpers and cardigans.

The cultivating and harvesting of wool is an important part of a significant, environmental life cycle. Sheep graze on grass. We collect wool from sheep. Wool completely decomposes in the earth, which fortifies the soil and stimulates grass growth. Sheep graze on grass, and so on and so forth. Thus, all-natural fibres come from a renewable and sustainable source, which is great!

As well as being respectful of nature’s equilibrium, wool knitwear is respectful of your skin too! Wool fibres are naturally non-allergenic, and they are kind to sensitive skin. Wool is also naturally hygroscopic, meaning it can reactively absorb and release water vapour. Ultimately, wool reacts to your body temperature, keeping you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re not. Pretty smart stuff, right?!

Unique and hard-working, renewable and sustainable, all-natural fibres possess qualities and deliver benefits, which cannot be bettered by man-made synthetics – no matter how hard man tries! All-natural fibres are comfortable, warm and cosy, and sensitive. They are strong and durable, robust and resilient, superb, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Our fantastic, all-natural fibres extend to an impressive selection of quality yarns, covering all your everyday needs. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your pursuit, our all-natural yarns – pure and blended – are the answer.

100% Pure Wool

Our superb, pure, sheep’s wool goes towards some of our heaviest and thickest, warmest and most reliable wool jumpers, wool cardigans, and accessories. Naturally strong and sturdy, our solid, 100% pure wool jumpers, cardigans, coatigans, scarves and home accessories will stand the test of time.

Whether you work in harsh conditions, spend your weekends exploring the great outdoors or you brave less-than-lovely weathers down the local park, 100% pure wool is the yarn for you.

Tough and hardy, 100% pure wool is an exceptionally durable yarn you can depend upon for warmth and protection when the weather does its worst.

Both our Hill Walker Jumper and our Fishermans Jumper are enduring, practical styles, expertly crafted from our robust and reliable, 100% pure wool yarn. If you’re looking for a hard-working and dependable, cold-weather sweater, 100% pure wool is a great place to start.

we also use our 100% pure wool yarn to craft two of our most traditional and classic styles. Both our Guernsey jumpers and cardigans and our Aran knit jumpers, cardigans and coatigans are available in this dependable yarn. Why not try adding our pure wool coatigan to your cold-weather repertoire? It’ll make those weekend errand runs warm, cosy and a lot easier to do!

Pure Lambswool

Collected from a lamb’s first shearing – normally when they are six or seven months old - pure lambswool boasts the highest quality in sheep’s wool. Pure lambswool’s raw fibres are 50mm or shorter, and they have a fine diameter; they require only minimal processing.

Pure lambswool is smooth, strong, naturally soft-to-the-touch and cosy. Boasting the same warming and reliable qualities as 100% pure wool, but without the tough-guy edge, pure lambswool is a great choice when it comes to comforting, winter essentials.

Pure lambswool’s special crimp allows for air pockets, which go towards this yarn’s particular warming quality. It is also breathable, thanks to its moisture-absorbing qualities, meaning it is well suited to both cold and warm-weather wear.

Our cosy, swaddle-like, pure lambswool Chunky Roll Neck Jumper makes for an excellent, long-lasting, outdoors-ready must-have.

The majority of our pure lambswool styles are machine washable, but both our chunky-knit, pure lambswool Waterfall Coatigan and our Chunky Poncho are handwash only.

Cashmere & Merino Blend

Comprising 20% cashmere and 80% Merino, our lovely, cashmere & Merino blend is luxuriously snuggly. Boasting both the fine silkiness of Merino wool and the fluffy, softness of cashmere, our cashmere & Merino blend styles are perfect for cosy and comfortable, stylish dressing.

Incredibly lightweight, yet wonderfully warming, our springy-soft cashmere & Merino blend is perfect for both wrapping up warm in the winter and staying cool in the summer.

Whilst our cashmere & Merino blend knitwear is light enough to wear when the weather is warm, its cosy, cuddle-up qualities make it particularly well suited to the colder months. Our selection of cashmere & Merino blend Beanie hats and Scarves are just the thing when it comes to stocking up on warming, winter accessories.

Both cashmere and Merino wool are fantastic. When combined, they create a refined yarn, perfect for everyday luxury. Our cashmere & Merino blend Cowl Neck Dress and our cashmere & Merino blend Polo Neck Jumper are two of many, elevated everydays available in this ultra-soft, ultra-wearable yarn.

Cashmere & Cotton Blend

blend balances 10% cashmere and 90% cotton, our strong, yet lustrous, cashmere & cotton blend combines the practicality of cotton with the luxury of cashmere. This soft and smooth blend extends itself to a fantastic selection of elevated, yet affordable, knitted jumpers, ponchos, cardigans, Lounge pants and accessories. All perfectly suited to your everyday needs, these wearable essentials are soft and special-feeling.

Our cashmere & cotton blend yarn affords coolness and comfort and is perfect for either cold-weather layering or lightweight, summer dressing.

If the sun is shining, consider cashmere and cotton. Tunic tops in this fantastic, blended yarn are just the thing for stylish, sunny-day dressing. Why not try teaming this cashmere & cotton blend Short Sleeve Tunic with your favourite jeans and sandals? This simple combination is a shortcut to effortless, yet stylish, warm-weather style. Likewise, when the nights draw in, and the air becomes chilly, you can rely on cashmere & cotton blend knitwear to keep you feeling toasty. This classic, cashmere & cotton blend Slipover is a frosty-weather must-have, no wardrobe ought to be without!

Silk & Cotton Blend

Our beautiful silk & cotton blend consists of 30% silk and 70% cotton. Combining the strength and reliability of cotton with the delicate smoothness of silk, our silk & cotton blend is perfect for adding something special to your everyday wardrobe.

Essential, yet elevated styles, including womens jumpers and mens jumpers, in our silk & cotton blend, feel soft and luxurious next to the skin. It is the perfect, blended yarn if you have sensitive skin, which needs extra comfort. Our silk & cotton blend Cami acts as a feel-good, base layer, necessary during the colder months.

Our lightweight, silk & cotton blend knitwear is a dream to wear, perfect for cosy, winter layering. Our silk & cotton blend Polo Neck Jumper makes for an excellent, timeless essential, which will stand the test of time, remaining in your store of knitwear for years to come.

When sunny days come around, our silk & cotton blend wool jumpers and cardigans are a great shout! Their lightweight and refined qualities make them ultra-wearable during the warmer months. Our silk & cotton blend Short Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt looks classically stylish teamed with relaxed, summer staples.

Linen & Cotton Blend

Balancing 55% linen and 45% cotton, our lightweight, yet durable linen & cotton blend is perfect for cool, summer-ready knitwear.

Linen is spun using the strong fibres found in the stems of flax plants, and it is the oldest textile in the world. It is lightweight, yet strong and long-lasting. Thanks to its non-stretchy properties, it holds its shape well over a considerable length of time.

When combined, linen and cotton’s similar properties produce a wearable and superb, durable yarn, perfect for your stylish everyday.

Given their breathable and comfortable qualities, linen and cotton fibres combined make for ultra-wearable jumpers and cardigans, perfect for the summer months. Our linen & cotton blend Edge To Edge Cardigan makes for a versatile and stylish, summer-evening coverup. Our effortless, linen & cotton blend Textured V Neck Jumper looks great when teamed with sunny-day basics.

100% Cotton

Perhaps the most popular natural fibre – most households contain numerous cotton-crafted items – 100% cotton is a fantastic, affordable yarn, perfectly suited to an incredibly diverse range of products and pursuits.

100% cotton is breathable, soft and comfortable, yet it is strong and durable. Knitwear crafted from 100% cotton is built to last, it can withstand a lot of wear, and many spins in your washing machine! Not that you need to wash 100% cotton jumpers and cardigans that often; they tend not to retain odours easily, and any odours they do acquire, they release very easily.

100% cotton is a low-maintenance yarn; you can just chuck your cotton jumpers and cotton cardigans in the washer and they’ll be totally fine. Knitwear crafted from this reliable yarn holds its shape well, meaning it will look great for longer. 100% cotton cannot hold an electric charge, thus it does not cling, a quality few synthetic fibres can boast.

Superb, unblended cotton is hydrophilic, meaning it is highly absorbent. This quality lets the yarn take on dye exceptionally well, resulting in vibrantly colourful knitwear. Our 100% cotton Crew Neck Jumper is available in a range of bright and bold shades.

Pure Cashmere

Perhaps the most revered natural fibre, pure cashmere is our most luxurious, best, all-natural yarn. Rare, special and superb, Kashmir goats produce cashmere in very small quantities. The fibres are long, fine and very soft. The yarn these fibres create is lightweight, yet incredibly warming.

A pure cashmere jumper will be light-as-air, yet it can be up to eight times more warming than other wool knitwear, making it perfect for cold-weather dressing. Whilst weight and warmth are important considerations when identifying why cashmere is so special, softness is perhaps what it’s best known for. Lustrous and lovely, the oh-so-tactile, lofty feel of cashmere is what sets it apart.

Pure cashmere is also hyper-hydrophilic; significantly more absorbent than other wools. It eagerly soaks up colour, resulting in eye-poppingly bright hues and deep and rich, classic shades.

Our quality, 2 ply, pure cashmere is immaculate and indulgent, yet surprisingly affordable. It is also, very easy to care for (as is the vast majority of our knitwear). Our pure cashmere jumpers and pure cashmere cardigans can be washed in your washing machine on a cool, wool-wash setting. Goodbye, hefty dry cleaning bills!

You can find out more about caring for all your all-natural knitwear here.

You can experience the loveliness of pure cashmere with our pure cashmere Crew Neck Jumper. And you can find out more about why cashmere is so special here.

100% Merino

The Australian Merino sheep is actually Spanish in origin. Introduced to Australia in 1797, today’s evolved Merino sheep produces wonderfully fine, silken fibres.

Merino wool’s natural elasticity means it’s incredibly flexible. Merino wool styles stretch with the wearer’s movements, making them particularly suited to busy lives. Merino is a clever yarn, boasting hygroscopic, breathable properties, which means Merino wool knitwear can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Merino is also notably low-maintenance. Moisture-wicking and odour-absorbent, it can help you with feeling fresh whilst you’re on the go. It is also more-or-less stain-repellent, making it a good choice if you’re a messy eater!

Given these qualities, Merino wool knitwear actually requires little washing. However, when you do feel the need to freshen up your Merino wool knitwear, you can rest easy knowing our 100% Merino wool knits are machine-washable, bar these thick, tightly knitted, Milano styles: B103L, B105L, B104L, and this lightweight, ribbed cardigan: B08L.

Ultimately, our contemporary, yet timeless, fine gauge, 100% Merino wool pieces are sleek and beautiful. They are perfect for adding elegant and understated sophistication to your everyday wardrobe. Our 100% Merino wool Milano knit capsule collection contains flattering, modern styles, such as the 100% Merino wool Milano Dress. Wearable and wonderful, this excellent, day-to-night essential creates a svelte silhouette. Find out more about the marvel of 100% Merino wool here.