Fast versus slow fashion

Many high street brands follow a model built on a cycle of overproduction and overconsumption, enabling cheap prices. This has been causing environmental and social impacts for a long time such as toxic pollution, microfibre plastic pollution and excessive carbon emissions. This is far from sustainable because it is depleting the planet’s natural resources and results in an overwhelming amount of waste.

At Woolovers we embrace slow fashion, adding a well thought out addition of new styles to a core collection that runs throughout the seasons. We encourage the consumer to buy well and in doing so buy less.

Why Natural?

One of the main sustainable avenues that Woolovers have been championing since 1989 is to use low impact natural fibres such as linen, cotton and wool This is because natural fibres are biodegradable and can compost cleanly back into the soil (assuming there are no harmful chemical residues left in the fabric), unlike synthetic fibres that will not biodegrade and instead sit in landfills, continually leaching toxic chemicals and fumes.

Unlike synthetic fibres, natural yarns do not create microfibre plastics when laundered. Garments made from synthetics are responsible for as much as 35% of global microplastic pollution.

Make the planet-friendly choice and choose natural.