The Sightseer Dress

The versatile dress is perfect for city explorations and seaside dinners alike. It's also a timeless piece that you can wear again and again, reducing your fast fashion footprint - a win -win.

The Jet-Setter Jumpsuit

Made from natural bamboo and cotton, the jumpsuit is the ultimate sustainable travel piece. Perfect for days spent exploring. Just throw it on and go - no need to stress about matching tops and bottoms!

The Linen Tee

For a lightweight and eco-friendly option, add the linen Tee to your packing list. Derived naturally using flax plant, linen is both breathable and stylish - perfect for sunny days at home or abroad.

The Heatwave Hat

When the sun is out and shining, our stylish floppy straw hat will be your forever go-to. It’s the perfect accessory to see you through the heat during days spent on the move. Made from 100% FSC-certified paper straw.

The Cosy Cardi

When the sun goes down and the breeze picks up, you'll be glad you packed one of our cute and cosy cardigans. Made from natural, biodegradable materials, it's perfect for outdoor adventures.