Wool Wash

Wool Wash 


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Show your knits good loving with our gentle, yet effective, Wool Wash. Made in Australia, and approved by Merinomark, this excellent cleanser is free from artificial thickeners, colours & fragrances. Use it to care for all your all-natural knitwear.

It won't fade colours (in fact it brightens them) and it works hard to both maintain & restore lustre. Tea tree oil & lemon myrtle act as antibacterial cleansers, and they also give this wonderful wash it's natural scent.

Concentrated (you need only a little per wash), a single bottle can last up to 50 washes.

Always read the instructions thoroughly before washing, and always refer to your garment's care label.

Keep out of reach of children.

Detergent for all your delicate washing needs

Contains many natural oils to reduce allergies and kind to sensitive skin

Highly concentrated 250ml bottle gives up to 50 washes

Includes yarn conditioning agents to maintain soft garments

20ml size integrated dispenser

Don't trust your detergent!

We want your WoolOvers to last just as much as you do (we have our reputation to uphold!) so here is our guide to prolonging the life of your knitwear. Follow these steps and your garments should last for years to come!

Quick summary:

All of our fabrics are a blend of natural protein fibres and knitted from machine-washable yarn. Wash them on a wool program, using a non-bio detergent at a maximum spin speed of 600 rpm.

Why non-bio?

Many biological detergents contain wool-eating enzymes. Never use biological detergents or stain removers on Wool, Silk or Cashmere fibres because the enzymes will literally digest the fabric and you may end up with unsightly holes!

Are all non-bios fine to use?

Afraid not. Those that contain bleach will lead to progressive fading and may weaken the fabric, again leading to holes.

What products do you recommend?

Wool and natural fibre detergents are available at all supermarkets. Many sell Woolmark-approved own brand products. Other good brands include Dreft, Persil Silk and Wool, Woolite, Stergene and Ecover Wool Wash.

So I definitely don't need to hand wash?

Many other brands are 'hand wash only', but all of our knitwear is fully machine washable - we hope this makes your life easier!

REMEMBER: to increase the life of your WoolOvers, use a slow spin (600 rpm or less) and a low temperature (30° max.) to avoid stretching, shrinking and matting of the fibres.

What about drying?

Our cotton blends will be fine in your tumble dryer, but avoid direct heat on the woollens. These should be reshaped and allowed to dry naturally.

TIP: Keep them supported to maintain their shape, a broad banister can be ideal, or simply lay flat, ensuring you rotate it.

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04 December 2016
Very expensive for such a small amount
30 November 2016
Just the job for washing wool.
30 November 2016
Haven't used it yet. Looking forward to it if you can say that sort of thing about washing clothes. Yes ... I think you can.
25 November 2016
sorry pressed wrong button. not tried yet.
Thank you very much for your positive comments on our service and products. We take great pride in offering excellent quality products at a reasonable price and we are glad you have experienced this.
16 November 2016
This is the third wool rated wash I have tried. The other two caused holes in my garments. At first I didn't know what was causing the problem. I contacted Woolovers for advice. They asked me to send back the jumper. Their verdict was moth holes. I agree that is what they looked like but they were not. All my jumpers were going into holes at an alarming rate. I changed to wool wash and no more holes. Once I forgot the load had a woolen jumper in there and used the old liquid. In that one wash, more holes. I will be more careful now. I only use Wool Wash from Woolovers. Ten Stars!